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What I'm About. . .

      I am a corporate tax accountant, and have been for several years.  Most people would say for many years.  Throughout my career, my focus has been on helping my clients organize and grow their businesses.

     My Mission is helping each client build and grow a profitable business by providing the best tools and information at a reasonable cost, guiding them toward long-term success.  

      My passion is in guiding entrepreneurs in building and growing their business into a profitable enterprise.  I share great pride with each success, and my heart breaks sharing the sorrow of each failure.

      My goal for this site is not just to describe the services that I want to sell to you.  I want to present issues and experiences that will help you grow your business and increase your profits.  

     If you don't have a business, I want to help you start and run a successful one.  

     So, visit often and look around.  We will strive for continuous improvement that you can use.

What's In A Name?

    Our Corporate name is Andcogroup, Inc.  Shortened from Anderson Consulting Group.  However, I have chosen the word "minder" to brand our service product group.

     You may be wondering why I chose the name "minder" to describe my business.

     Well, I'm sure you've heard the verb "mind" plenty of times, meaning: to watch out for, or to take care of, as in: you mind the kids while I go out.  Or, you mind the store while I do something else, or even, you mind the stove while I set the table.

     So, in the same sense, I want to mind your business details while you go do something else, like, tend to customers and make some money.

What Qualifies Me to Mind Your Business?

Formal Education:

  •   BBA, Morehead State University, Concentration in                   Accounting
  •   Annual Continuing Education
  •   IRS Annual Filing Season Program (18 Hours continuing         education, Qualification Exam)
  •    Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor (online)
  •    Membership in Professional Organizations
  •    Life-long Learner and experienced professional.


     I come from a family of small business owners, and I have been an Entrepreneur for my entire working career.

     I started my first business while I was still in college.  Two roommates and I opened a retail men's clothing store.

     We were frustrated that the established local department stores did not carry the latest styles and accessories for young men.  So, we found our niche and did something about it.  After graduation, when my partners wanted to go their own way, we sold our business for a generous profit.

     But, I was bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug. I knew I wanted to be a business owner.

     After working for a CPA firm to learn the business of public accounting, I went to work in my family's coal company. That's when I started my home based bookkeeping business.  Not only that, but I bought trucks and was in the trucking business.  

     From that time to the present I have continued to build businesses and to work and develop my accounting and consulting practice.

     Over the years I have:

  •      Owned a General Tire dealership
  •      Owned a payroll processing company
  •      Worked as a Hospital Financial Administrator
  •      Worked in wholesale distribution for plumbing,                        electrical and HVAC/R equipment
  •      Owned a Retail Sporting Goods Franchise
  •      Owned an Awards and Graphic Design retail store
  •      Worked in Petroleum Distribution and Chain                            Convenience Store businesses.

     My practice is uniquely qualified to help you and your business.  I have walked in your shoes.  From serving as an executive in larger businesses, to owning and running my own small business, I have been where you are and I know where I'm going.

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