Accounting Solutions
That let you concentrate on growing your business!

Take care of your business,
We'll handle your books!!

LedgerMinder offers you a comprehensive system to manage your company's books.  Customized for your business by people who know you, providing the information you need when you need it.

After we design and set up your system, there is one reasonable monthly fee.  We don't nickle and dime you.  You'll know your cost each month, no surprises.

Stay organized:

  • Integrated document management
  • Scan and upload expense receipts with your cell phone
  • See your bank balance at the touch of a button
  • See what's going on with a comprehensive dashboard
  • Track and bill hours

Get time on your side:

  • Stop struggling with recordkeeping
  • Your information is available to you when you need it
  • Integrated apps to help you manage your workflow
  • Your business will work for you, not you working for your business

Convenient and Secure:

  • We provide a true cloud based solution
  • Access from multiple devices and operating systems
  • View your records with your desktop, laptop, tablet, cellphone
  • iPads and iPhones welcome
  • Real time multi-user function
  • Secure data 128 bit encryption (same as banks)
  • Continuous backup...if you lose your computer, you don't lose your business records

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