Accounting Solutions
That let you concentrate on growing your business!

Choose an Accountant, I'm not talking about how to choose an accounting firm. (Afterall, I want you to choose this firm).  What I am talking about is choosing to use an an accountant (or bookkeeper).  I'm talking about making the committement to hire an accountant to take all that troublesome paperwork off your hands.

      After a while, you realize how far behind you are.  You look at your desk and see all that stuff piled up on top of it.  

     You are just so tired.  You've worked hard in your buisness today.  You just can't concentrate on that tedious work right now.  It can wait until tomorrow.

     But that night, when you lay down to sleep, your mind is still working.  You're thinking about that pile of paper on your desk, and you begin to wonder.  Did I pay that credit card bill that was due?  I know it's about time to renew my business license, did I do it already?

     You haven't reconciled your bank account in for-ev-er!  You wonder how much money you really have in the bank.

     Wow, wouldn't it be nice if you could just click a button on your computer or cell phone and see how much money you really have?

    You toss and turn, worrying about all these things you haven't done or don't know whether you've done them or not.  Sleep won't come, stress builds.  You finally doze off.

     Then wake up the next day, too soon.  You're still tired.  You look at your desk and your stomach turns.  You decide you need a nap.

     The next day you open your mail and there's a letter from the bank saying you are overdrafted.  They want you to take care of it quick, plus the overdraft fees.

     There is a knock on the door.  It's the city police to collect your business license fee plus the $100.00 citation for letting it lapse.

     You open your email and there is a message saying your credit card bill is past due.  They added a $35.00 late fee and upped your interest rate to 29%, which they have already applied to the outstanding balance.

     You feel yourself going into full panic attack, your heart fluttering and you can't breath, you fall to the floor as you dial 911 to get help on the way!  You manage to scrawl "" with your finger in the dust on the floor where you lay, just as you pass out and everything turns to black!

     As you lay in a hospital bed, heavily medicated, your worried wife walks into your office.  She looks at the cluttered mess on your desk, the unopened envelopes that have fallen to the floor, and gasps, now understanding your stress.

    Then she notices the words you had scrawled on the floor, shinning like a bright beacon on the dull tile.  Immediately, she sits down at the computer and types in the simple address:

     To her amazement, the answer appears before her.  A trained accountant who has been an entrepreneur.  Who has suffered like her husband has suffered.  


     And, who is now offering her and her family relief from this nightmare of stress and unknowing.  And at a wonderfully reasonable price that she could hardly believe!

     Her eyes filled with tears as she lay her head on the desk, sobbing with relief, knowing a tremendous burden has been lifted.

     A little over dramatic?  Sound ridiculous?  Maybe.  But the burden of minding your business can be overwhelming at times.  So, when the administrative burden of your business becomes too much for you to handle, contact us.

     We can relieve the stress that keeps you awake at night!


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