Accounting Solutions
That let you concentrate on growing your business!

Guiding your business from Red to Black

     Do you find yourself struggling to keep your head above water in a sea of red?  Are the sharks circling, ready to take a bite out of you at any time?

     We can throw you a life preserver if you can just swim toward us a little to grab on.  We will help you pull your business from the Red, back to the Black.  There are no sharks in the Black and you can truly enjoy smooth sailing.

     But, there is some work to be done to trim your sails and get your vessel into the wind.

Here's what happens when you decide to grab on. . .

     You will have an experienced coach who has been where you are, but has also won a few races. Your coach will help you set goals and hold you accountable, motivating you to move forward.

  • We will run a thorough assessment of your business accounting records to identify "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI's). ( Don't have up to date records?  We can help with that too!)
  • Your Coach will Benchmark your business by comparing it with similar businesses in your industry so he can determine what your healthy business looks like.
  • You will have a "balanced scorecard" to track your progress.  Your Coach will meet with you at least monthly, more often if necessary.  Th meeting is yours to ask questions, to make adjustments and to celebrate your wins.
  • Your "Profit First" cash management plan, to assure your business will go from Red to Black starting day one, and stay in the Black.
  • Your play book and game plan.  Your Coach will help you create a playbook and game plan, then help you call the right play and make adjustment at the line.  
  • Motivation: your coach will provide motivation from the sidelines to keep you in the game, and fighting for your business.




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